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Florida Department of Education ·

  • Reading Initiatives and MTSS, contact Heather Willis-Doxsee, Reading Specialist, Just Read, Florida! at
  • School Improvement Initiatives and MTSS, contact Shannon Houston, Senior Educational Programs Director, Bureau of School Improvement, at
  • Exceptional Student Education and MTSS, contact David Wheeler, Student Psychology Consultant, Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services, at
  • Curriculum and Instruction Initiatives, contact Ann Whitney or Katrina Figgett, Bureau of Standards and instructional Support at or

MTSS Statewide Projects

  • Florida’s Positive Behavior Support Project, contact Don Kincaid at or Heather George, Project Directors, at
  • Florida’s Problem-solving/Response to Intervention Project, contact Clark Dorman, Project Leader, at
  • Technology and Learning Connections through Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning and MTSS, contact David Davis, Director, at


For technical questions, contact the Florida Center for Interactive Media at or 1-800-357-1072.